MKS Pedals

MKS Pedals

Those are the MKS models that we carry. They are extremely well made, and will last a long time!

They all (except the RX-1 & Custom Nuevo) use loose ball bearings and are hence easy to service and repack with fresh grease after years of hard use! We also sell the MKS dust caps (they also fit older Campy, Gipiemme etc. pedals) and the wrench that fits in.

All pedals a sold as pair.


A great all-around pedal with built-in reflectors.CrMo spindle.

si 22,- €, blk 30,- €


Same as the above, but without the reflectors.

si 22,- €, blk 30,- €

MKS Sylvan Road

A well-made copy of the classic Campagnolo pedals.

Best used with straps and toe clips.

CrMo spindle.

30,- €

MKS Sylvan Track

Classic track pedal. It provides more cornering clearance than the Road model.

Same quality and adjustable bearings.

30,- €

MKS Sylvan Touring

A good choice for people wanting a wide platform. This is one of our widest pedal. They have a really god grip, making them suitable for off-road/ winter use.

30,- €

MKS Toe Clips

Aluminium toe clips with a leather protection for your shoes!

Ask us about available sizes.

30,- € (including white or black straps)

High End Pedals

MKS Custom Nuevo

Very similar to the Royal Nuevo, but using sealed bearings like the RX-1.

NJS approved

288 Gram

150,- €

MKS Royal Nuevo

A more classic track pedal. Smooth loose ball bearings. Aluminium body and CrMo spindle.

NJS approved

297 Gram

130,- €


High-end track pedals. The sealed bearings are incredibly smooth and the body is polished to a mirror finish.

It offers a lot of cornering clearance.

NJS approved

281 grams

120,- €

To order pedals, please first send us an email . We’ll get back to you and let you know about availability and shipping costs to your country. We charge € 9,- within Germany.

We currently only accept bank transfers. We’ll ship the parts as soon as the money has been paid into our account. We’ll send you an email with our bank details after you’ve placed an order.