We sell bicycles with steel frames. We love them because of their simple, elegant design and the nice and comfortable ride quality of the frame material. Steel frames are made of tubes of different alloys and wall thicknesses.

A steel bike is not necessarily heavy, and surely it offers an exceptional ride quality, which we like.

We offer a wide range of bikes starting with a simple three-speed bicycle for short distance in the neighborhood ending at custom-built travel bikes for your trip from Alaska to Patagonia.

Paripa is our own homemade brand. These bicycles are specialized in commuting as well as in bike-touring. We also sell bikes and framesets from Surly, Salsa, Intec, Kona, Pelago and Hardo Wagner.

If you want a bespoke bicycle, we are your shop.

Come around for a visit, let us recommend a bike for you and go for a testride!

We provide an opportunity to set bicycles off from the tax.

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