Surly Disc Trucker

famous touring bike

Long Haul Trucker was the name of Surly’s classic touring bike. In the meantime, there have already been two updates of this frame. The current Surly Disc Trucker model has thru axles and plenty of room for wide tyres. To ensure that a suitable frame is available for all body sizes, this frame is available in 10 (!) frame heights. In frame sizes 56, 58, 60, 62 and 64cm, the Disc Trucker frameset is available with 28 inch wheels. 26 inch is available for frame heights 42, 46, 50, 52, 54 and 56cm. Long chainstays with holders for spare spokes, a solid forged fork crown and a relatively large wheelbase are ideal for travel, touring or everyday use with heavy luggage. Long wheelbase means good handling with a load – on some touring bikes this leads to somewhat sluggish, cumbersome handling without luggage. Thanks to the sophisticated geometry, the Surly Disc Trucker is pleasantly agile even without a load. A comfortable riding position suitable for long distances is no problem with this bike, even with dropbars.
Take a test ride and see for yourself!

Frame Specs:

Frame & Fork: Surly 4130 butted CroMo
Rear Hub Spacing: 142x12mm thruaxle
Front Hub Spacing: 100x12mm thruaxle
Brake: Disc rear flat mount for front & rear
3 bottlemounts + 2 three-pack at the fork, mounts for Racks and Fenders of all kinds
Lightcable holes on the fork (Congratulations Surly!)
Tire clearance: 42mm for 28“ & 50mm for 26“ with fenders (Surly Website is not correct)
The 58cm frame wheights about 2500 g

Surly homepage for more info