Dahon D8

folding bike

The American Dr. Hon quit his job as a rocket engineer at military supplier Fairchild in 1983 and decided that in the future he would put his energy into peaceful projects instead of missiles (in 2012 there was a quarrel in the company and Hon left Dahon to found the company Tern). More than 60 engineers have made Dahon by far the most innovative folding bike manufacturer in the past. The approximately 1,000 employees at the production center in Shenzhen, just outside Hong Kong, have already produced more than three million folding bikes.

The areas of application for folding bikes are many: people who rather put his bike in the apartment than in the backyard, who wants to be mobile as a cityhopper today in Berlin, tomorrow in Hamburg and the day after in Frankfurt’s city center, who transport his bike to save space in the car or on the sailing ship must, should at least consider the purchase of a folding bike. For example, some members of the Berliner Philharmoniker take their Dahon abroad on concert tours.

Dahon Speed ​​D8

The Dahon Speed ​​D8 has a sturdy torsion-resistant Chromoly 4130 steel frame and forged dropouts. With a boarding height of 46 centimeters you can easily get in front. The drivetrain consists of a 8-speed derailleur. It rolls on 20-inch wheels with double wall alloy rims and stainless spokes, fenders and chain guard are made of plastic.

In about half a minute, the Dahon can be combined to a 82 by 69 by 36 inches large and 12.6 kilograms package. A tool is not required.

The frame color depends on the model year. Due to the wheelbase, which is relatively large for a folding bike, the Dahon has driving characteristics that are almost equivalent to a normal bike and is also suitable for longer trips.

Price: Dahon Speed ​: from 850,- Euro