Bicicapace Pelican

The Bicicapace Pelican easily transports larger boxes and other bulky items. The loading area is independent of the steering, allowing up to 65 kg of payload at the front! The seating position is relaxed upright, the handling is stable but not sluggish. The Pelikan has a relatively low step-through. This facilitates the use of a rear child seat enormously. Alternatively, a rear luggage rack can also be mounted. All in all, a very versatile bike, suitable as a cargo bike or family carriage!

The maximum load of the front loading area is 65 kg, the maximum total load is 190 kg

To the choice

  • Two frame shapes: Classic or Sport
  • With or without motor
  • Colour
  • Front loading area 820x450mm with or without steel frame
  • Shimano disc brakes or rollerbrakes
  • 10-speed Shimano drailleur
  • 3 or 8-speed Shimano hub gearing
  • Childseats
  • Heavy-duty rear rack

Other equipment

  • Frontwheel 20 inch, rear 26 inch.
  • Shimano hubdynamo with LED light
  • Double kickstand

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