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Spare Parts

We specialize in building custom wheels. Good hand-built wheels withstand high loads way better than others. Our wide selection of hubs, rims and Swiss spokes from DT allows us to build wheels that you won't find in any catalogue!

As for complete bikes...

We are not into the idea of selling bicycles online. Getting personal advice, and taking the bike for a ride are too important steps in our opinion.

We do mail-order for parts. We can recommend the following.

Give us a ring if you're looking for something particular. To order, send an email to Rad.-Spannerei with the listed parts.

MKs Pedals
The best pedals around! This Japanese company makes high end pedals, as well as classic "cup & cones" models that will last forever. A great deal! . More


MKS Pedalen

Reelight Magnet Lights
Those clever lights come form Danemark, and use strong magnets to produce electricity. No friction, no batteries and a set of lights that stays on day and night!. More

Reelight Fahrradlicht

Take the time to get the right seat, and your bottom will be thankful! More


A selection of cranks and chainrings. Most of them a made by Sugino.

We also stock chainrings in almost all possible bolt circle diameters. Some are T.A, some are Sugino, others Gebhard. They're all good!
We also carry the super strong Surly stainless steel rings.


More parts to come!


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